WolphiLink Interface

Anyone who knows my EDC set up, has seen this tiny black device called WolphiLink, that is part of it. It is one of my, if not THE most usefull (ex. the TRX itself) ham radio item. Anyone who knows what such an interface is meant to do, can just skip the next paragraph. If DigiModes like PSK31, or RTTY mean nothing to you, consider watching the following episode of „Ask Dave“ a brilliant series of youtube videos supplying usefull information for hams and those who want to become hams.

The WolphiLink is a DigiMode interface for a ham radio and a tablet or smartphone. It will allow the user to use Digital Comms such as PSK31, without having to bring a full featured USB-Soundcard or even a laptop. It breaks down everything you need to a decent weight. I love this little device, as it even does the PTT-control all by itself. One simply needs some kind of source for the sounds, that make up a digital signal and connect it to the WolphiLink. It comes with a Mini-Din plug that fits the Yaesu FT-817 as well as the bigger brothers FT-857 and FT-897. The to potentiometers inside the tiny box, allow for an adjustment of the volume and therefor your specific TRX. It is preset for the FT-817 it’s natural companion, and works right out of the box. No extra battery, no nothing, just this little brilliant piece of technology made by a german living in the USA.

Of course, as I said one still needs a source for the data, a screen and an input device, but all this can be combined in one gadget, most of us carry around each and every day: A smartphone. The standard headphone plug fits nearly all devices and there is software for IOs and Android. Concerning this software, I will right more articles in the future.

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