How do I get the wire in the tree?

Well the answer is simple: With >Jörg Spraves Rambone slingshot<.

In his >Youtube channel<, Jörg turns wood and rubber into deadly „Anti-Zombie-Devices“. One of those is the Rambone. Jörg developed this slingshot for everyone to build or >buy<, but he strongly encourages everyone to build ones own Rambone slingshot.

Now the procedure itself is not complicated in any way and it ain’t even new. One ties a piece of string to some kind of weight, shoots that weight over a tree, an uses the string to hoist the antenna up, like a flag. Easy as pie. Of course there are commercial solutions, but the ones I saw are ridiculously expensive. So: Get the material, build your own wire antenna, and your own slingshot, and start having fun. Pro Tipp: That slingshot can make for great times, while you have your TRX work WSPR.

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