APRS-Digipeater for Jena

We got all the pieces together and made it happen: A working, solarpowered APRS digipeater to cover the valley around Jena. For years noone heard the few packets we transmitted in and around Jena. Then, last year, DK1SEV finally „heard our prayers“ and build an RX-only IGate to send all our packets to the Internet. The only thing that was missing, was a full digipeater. DO1ABZ. DO1AYJ and me just set that up and it’s running with the following parameters:

callsign: DJ6KR-1

TRX: Wouxun KG-UV2D

antenna: Diamond X30

powersupply: 50W Solarpanel with 55Ah lead acid buffer

position: >DJ6KR-1 on aprs.fi<

controler: PLXDigi by microsat (>manufacturers homepage<)

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